The Best Over-The-Range Microwave: The Only Guide You Need To Know

The microwave is a must have in every kitchen. Whether you are reheating food or you want to prepare other dishes, having a microwave at home.

There are different kinds of microwave and one of the most popular styles is the over the range microwave. This is widely popular since it saves counter space and the units have vent systems instead of using the oven hood.

Given that there are various brands to choose from and selecting the best over the range microwave oven can be quite challenging.​

Factors to Consider

​When buying an over the range microwave, here are some of the factors that you need to consider.


Consider the exact measurements where you intend to use your microwave and make sure it perfectly fits in. There are much bigger microwave ovens that can accommodate more meals.

But if you have a smaller space, you should go for a smaller cubic feet oven.

Ease of Use

With the technological features that you find in appliances these days, you would want to have a microwave that has preset menus or sensitivity technology that automatically make the adjustments to avoid overcooked edges.

Easy to Clean

Some microwaves can be really difficult to clean so make sure find one that is easy to wipe and clean. It also helps if the charcoal filter is removable.

Other Features

Every model has its respective features and specs. Before deciding which one to purchase, take the time to compare the features.

Our Top 5 Picks

​Are you having a hard time choosing which over the range microwave to buy? We have listed and reviewed some of best options available in the market today.

Simplify making your meals and other snacks with this GE JVM3160RFSS Over the Range Microwave. A 1.6 cubic feet microwave that has 2 speed and 300 CFM external venting system.

Easy to use cooking controls giving you a convenient way to cook, reheat leftovers and a cooktop light to get rid of odors and smoke. It has various cook options that allow you to quicken the cooking process (1 to 6 minutes express cook options).

To have even heating, the GE JVM3160RFSS has a glass turntable that you can either turn or off. This microwave boasts a 1000W power, cooking with 10 different cooking levels giving you the versatility to prepare a wide range of meals and dishes.

And since it has a 2 speed and 300 CFM external venting system, it helps remove smoke and other odors.


  • It is a reasonably priced over the range microwave that is packed with the essential features you need for cooking.
  • Very easy to use and it gives you versatility with the different cooking options so you can expedite the process in the most efficient way possible.
  • The design is also durable and very elegant which perfectly fits your kitchen design.
  • It is quite to operate and you never have to worry about smoke and odor.


  • Some may have a hard time in terms of the readability of the controls.

Measuring at 26-1/5 by 24 by 15-2/5 inches, the Sharp KB-6524PS features a 24 inches microwave drawer. If you are looking for a highly reputable brand that can deliver you the best of quality, you can never go wrong with Sharp since they have been in the industry for years.

The brand introduced to the market the Sharp KB-6524PS, a microwave that gives you 1000W cooking power with 1-1/5 cubic foot interior. What is nice with this microwave is that it opens automatically with the push or pull of the towel bar handle.

In terms of ease of use, this microwave features a control panel that is auto-touch and comes with a digital LCD display as well kitchen clock and timer.


  • Features a sturdy and well-designed microwave that is stand-alone.
  • It is very easy to use and convenient as it comes with 11 power levels, an auto-touch control panel and kitchen clock and timer.
  • You can see the details while you are cooking with its digital LCD display.
  • Has other amazing features and options including short cut options, concealed louvers, auto-defrost and sensor cook.
  • Makes your cooking more efficient and hassle-free


  • Always need to press open button and closed button when open and close drawer.
  • Quite large and heavy

Now, you can prepare meals quickly with the LG LMV20131ST Over the Range Microwave Oven. It features a 2.0 cubic feet oven that has amazing features including 8 censor cook options for even heating of food.

Unlike other over the range microwave that can be quite tough to clean, the LG LMV20131ST is easy to clean since its very interior is resistant to stain and you can easily wipe it if there is any dirt buildup.

What you will like about LG LMV20131ST is that it has digital controls made of smooth touch glass with a 4 digit LED display which makes it very easy for you to use and to operate.

It has 1 touch and custom settings for ease of use The microwave allows you to have different meals with spacious interior.

Using its humidity-sensing technology,the microwave detects when the food item is cooked and the microwave automatically turns off.​ Get rid of the smoke and odor with its Quiet Power ventilation system.


  • The over the range microwave is designed to give you an easy to use and easy to clean unit that is resistant to stain.
  • Very smooth and easy to operate with its Smooth touch glass digital controls.
  • Comes with a 4 digit LED display that allows you to see the details while you are cooking
  • Has a very spacious interior so you can accommodate different meals and other food items.
  • Boasts a 1000W cooking power backed with 10 different cooking levels.
  • Has a humidity-sensing technology.
  • Features Quiet Power ventilation system (3 fans) to remove any odor and smoke.
  • Charcoal filter is removal


  • Some have troubles viewing the details in the display.

The microwave Samsung ME18H704SFB also one of the top rated units in the market today. Featuring a 1000W cooking power, a 400 CFM ventilation system. The microwave makes cooking a whole lot easier and more efficient.

It has sensor cook features that make it easy to use whenever you want to reheat leftovers or if you want to cook soup.

Compared to other over the country microwave that can be really difficult to clean. The Samsung ME18H704SFB very easy to clean since the interior is scratch resistant. The interior is made from ceramic giving you that polished surface which makes it easy to clean.

This unit is an eco-friendly microwave with its eco mode button that turns off the microwave display and is designed to conserve the power when it is not in use. The only downside of this microwave is that it is just 1.8 cu. ft whereas other options have a more spacious capacity.


  • Very easy to use and to operate with its sensor cook features and preset buttons.
  • You won’t have any difficulty cleaning the unit with its interior made from ceramic which is scratch resistant.
  • Comes with LED display which adds style and it also has membrane touch controls.
  • Features 400 CFM ventilation system to remove odors and fumes.
  • Easy to remove and clean filter.


  • Can be quite noisy operate.
  • Has a slightly lower space capacity

Last but not the least that made it to this list is the Panasonic NN-SD945S. This offers a more spacious capacity since it is 2.2 cubic feet. It uses patented inverter technology that gives you even cooking so you never have to worry about overcooked edges.

It has 1250 watts of cooking power backed with 18 cook menu items which make it easy to cook a wide range of food and meals. It has a touch genius sensor as well as reliable reheating functions that would automatically adjust the power level.

To speed up the defrosting, the Panasonic NN-SD945S has an Inverter Turbo Defrost.


  • Cook faster and efficient cooking times.
  • There are no overcooked edges since it uses a microwave inverter technology.
  • Speeds up the defrosting time with its inverter turbo defrost.
  • Features 18 preset menu buttons


  • Can be pricey.
  • The size might be too big for some kitchen spaces.

​Final Verdict

The following over the range microwave ovens are some of the best brands that you can find today. So which one is the best buy? All of them are good buys.

Your choice simply depend factors as the price, features you need and size among many others. These 5 over the range microwave ovens make your cooking much faster and more efficient.

Now, you can cook and prepare a wide range of meals and other food items with ease.​

If you have any questions or suggestions about this article, let us hear it in the comments section. Please share this article if you like it.

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